Closing the Gap

An Interview Script to Frame your Down Time
If you have been on an extended career break and are ready to schedule a job interview, you will want to quickly and effectively address one of the big questions


“What were you doing on your time away from the workplace?”


There is a way to smoothly and easily transformation the time that you were on a career break for a gap to a benefit that any employer would appreciate.  This proven script will help close the gap and let you shine as the perfect candidate for the job.

It will give you concrete examples of the kinds of questions you are most likely to be asked in an interview. This script will also provide the kinds of answers that employers respond to and how to make them your own. You will also see how to say what you have to say in a way that sends a powerful message so that the interviewer instantly understands the value you will bring to the organisation.

See how to:

  • Take the steps necessary to prepare for an interview
  • Talk about your career break and focus on what made it so beneficial to your Comeback
  • Make your words count and set you up as the candidate of choice
  • Make it easy for an employer to see you as a bonus to their company

Closing the Gap is important so that your time away from work contributes to your potential as an employee.

Find out how with this interview script

What’s included:

Closing the Gap Booklet
This 46 page pdf contains a full script for you to emulate and then make it your own. Any worries about handling the gap in your work history will evaporate. This detailed script is augmented with dynamite tips for how to work with the suggested text in order to make the most of any interview questions. It gives you the secret ingredients that put you in the driver’s seat during an interview.
Closing the Gap Video
In this video Laura Izard walks you through each question step by step. As a recruiter she has a clear understanding of what types of questions a perspective employer wants and needs to ask and what they are looking for in a response. As someone who had her own 7 year career break she understands the anxiety about answering questions about her time off. She shares her proven script that helped her land a  dream job.