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Are You Returning to the Workplace After a Career Break?
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Does the endless conversation that you have with friends centre around

“what can I do now the kids aren’t babies any more?”

Do you feel invisible or obsolete?

Do you feel that your industry had passed you by?

Are you worried how your family will cope with your return to work?

This was my story.


But now…I’m now in a unique position where I am an in-house recruiter,

and I understand how enriched your job can be by having a time out.

Believe that there is a job for you. And you can relaunch your career to even better than before.

Start where you are with one of our resources. I am here to help.

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My name is Laura Izard and I wanted to create a resource for women who need someone to see them, tell them they are still good (in fact better!) and that they can go on to achieve amazing things in their career.

I’ve been exactly where you are at this moment.

On Comeback Girl, I want to share my experience from both sides of the recruitment process because I am acutely aware of what it feels like to come back to your career after a break.  

Your blog and podcasts meet me in exactly what I am experiencing. Kirsty

Accountant : relocated from UK to Melbourne, Deloitte

I loooooove what you do Laura your blog and podcast can really help others to regain their confidence after a career break. Keep it going and yes, totally agree with you about reframing FEAR as a motivator. Fear can be a powerful friend if you know how to manage it! Emee

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